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Temperature Lyrics by The Chats
Temperature Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Temperature By The Chats?

All week I've been confined in bed
Coughing hard and I'm dripping with sweat
Nothing going on in my head
So sick and I want it to end

Taking all my medicine
And I'm drinking plenty of water
Well I'm getting lots of rest
Following all the doctor's orders
Yet I'm still crook as a dog
With no bone to chew on

Paracetamol and Vitamin C
Just seem to do f*ck all for me
I just need a remedy
Something that'll make me better
I need something to make me go outside
I need to get it together

Have you got a fever?
Will you let me feel ya
Temperature (temperature)
Temperature (temperature)

Who Wrote Temperature By The Chats?

Eamon Zambia Sandwith, Joshua Price, Matthew Boggis

What's The Duration Of The Temperature By The Chats?

The duration of Temperature is 2:52 minutes and seconds.

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