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Belief [Live][Version]

Belief [Live][Version] Lyrics by The Mission UK
Belief [Live][Version] Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Belief [Live][Version] By The Mission UK?

All I ever need is the truth but all I ever want is affection
Masquerade as Jesus Christ and suffer the crucifixion
Lips that speak of love eternal come heal my savaged skin
Cast aside all thought of revenge searching for nirvana within
And God only knows my belief holds strong
That wisdom comes when the heart suffers long
And I'm shedding tears for Judas a kiss may betray
And I'm on the side of angels on the heels of a dream a ghost
To lay

A hard rain may fall and a cruel wind may blow
The moon may be pale and I may never know
The need for silence but I can see hope in the wind in the
Lay belief on me my angel child

The actor and the poet martyr castles carved in sand
Delight and the promise of Eden lay in the touch of your hand
As sweet as sin sweeter still the taste
The way of all flesh lay me to waste
And heaven knows that the meek shall inherit the earth
Lay belief on me my angel child

Behold a silent ocean in a precious grain of sand
And if I have to explain then you'll never understand
My petals are strewn scattered by the breeze
It's whispered in the wind echoes through the trees
Loves a disease and it rips me apart
Come heal my ravaged heart
Lay belief on me my angel child

Who Wrote Belief [Live][Version] By The Mission UK?

Craig David Adams, Mick Brown, Simon Thomas Hinkler, Wayne Hussey

What's The Duration Of The Belief [Live][Version] By The Mission UK?

The duration of Belief [Live][Version] is 7:41 minutes and seconds.

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