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Midnight Train [Demo Version]

Midnight Train [Demo Version] Lyrics by The Monkees
Midnight Train [Demo Version] Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Midnight Train [Demo Version] By The Monkees?

Now listen just a minute while I sing this song,
Don't you worry baby it won't take long.
I'm just about ready to draw the line,
So don't be surprised if I leave this time.

Well I'm goin' north and I'm goin' south
Don't want no more of your lyin' mouth.
I'm hittin' the road, gonna ring some bells,
Better know I can do it well.

Midnight train, ramblin' ramblin'
All night long I'm gamblin', gamblin'
Been losin' all my money and it really is funny, umm badda dum.
Midnight train, ramblin' ramblin'
Al night I'm gamblin', gamblin'
Well tell you what baby, well you better be movin' on.

Well I really don't know where I'm goin' for sure,
Ain't gotta map, it ain't no tour.
Just headin' out to the open sky,
Who knows, might even die.

Well don't you worry your pretty little head
'Cause you never gave a dang what I did or said.
That's why I'm packin' to leave this place
Can't stand to look at your cheatin' face.
Well you treated me like a little boy
And played around like I was a toy.
Guess you thought I'd have the blues,
Look whose cryin', guess you lose.

CHORUS (twice)
It's about that time, better be movin' on

Who Wrote Midnight Train [Demo Version] By The Monkees?

Kenny Lee Lewis, Chris Mccarty

What's The Duration Of The Midnight Train [Demo Version] By The Monkees?

The duration of Midnight Train [Demo Version] is 2:29 minutes and seconds.

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