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Daisy Lyrics by The Nadas
Daisy Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Daisy By The Nadas?

She loves me she loves me not
Just another petal on the floor again
Where have you been this time just
Another petal on the floor again we
Can just be friends
Take this time to think it over
You never think the same thing twice
I wish that you could make up your

Mind it must be nice
Tell me now what's holding you back
I can see it in your tracks my feelings
There on the soles of your shoes now
I've got those single guy blues
I'll pick another daisy I'll pick another
Daisy in the springtime I'll pick
Another daisy I'll pick another daisy
In the meantime

Who Wrote Daisy By The Nadas?

Kevin Johansen

What's The Duration Of The Daisy By The Nadas?

The duration of Daisy is 3:25 minutes and seconds.

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