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4 Deep

4 Deep Lyrics by Threat
4 Deep Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For 4 Deep By Threat?

Let it rain, let it drip, damn them niggaz tripped
On the turf, they gotta get us work
We know where you stay, the homies don't play
You knew the consequences now your ass is hoppin fences
Tryin to get away from the AK spray in the broad day
Now they cross us out and put a K
I'm still PDKiller, cause if you ain't my friend
Youse a foe, and I'ma let you know that I'm from
That big bad mad-ass Westside numero uno
South Central, is ill mental
Uhh, and all these new tribes tryin to hoo-ride
We can't be eighty-six, cause we from sixty-nine
It's just a fifteen minus ten with the S on the end
For life, so do what you like
But you better bomb first with the sleeper, uhh
Cause I'ma blow you out your Converse sneakers-ah, so surprise!
Punk is the ride, punk
You thought your homey next to you made it to his trunk, uhh
Light 'em up like a candle, that's right
The scandal, vandal handle mines like a man doe
Creep by the police, rollin fo' deep
Playin low, cause I know they gon' stretch us if they catch us
Up to Chiffaro(?) and away we go
And I bet nobody bet' not get no less than the next
Fo' niggaz, three straps, where these hoes at?
Lookin for some trouble just bust a nigga bubble
They want to unite, but the system's too tight, so
Let these niggaz know what that South Central like
Don't flag no flag cause all that's drag
Stay close to my holster had enough of these busters
Teach 'em not to f*ck with the young buck
With the dumb dumb tips, that's right, they hurt like a bitch
Suspects headin West, L.A. Zoo next exit
Damn right baby, I sex it like I flex it
Up jump the boogie got busy with them enemies
Laugh when we serve 'em, hit the corner swervin
Headin down the backstreets, bumpin Black Sheep
Stop and get a quart went home and took my ass to sleep

Can't sleep
Cause niggaz don't know how to act like they momma's on crack
Shit they got so bad much worse than all these hearses
Death toll went up crazy since 1980
Hip-Hop, you don't stop, close up shop
Or get the rope with the slipknot
Hear the tick-tock wake your ass up knock knock who is it?
The Big Bad Wolf come to pay your ass a visit
Count to fifteen, I'm hearin si-rens
Count to fifteen again more si-rens
When will it cease they say everyday
Not 'til the mission is complete, rescued by the fleet
From this Desert Storm, I can see his horns of
Usin heavy metal like the rest of these devils
All these white sheets need they ass be tied
To the bumper, and drug down the street fo' deep

Fo' deep.. fo' deep

Who Wrote 4 Deep By Threat?

Corey D Lloyd, Darryle Griffin, J J Johnson, John Cooper Clarke, Mark S Jordan, Martin Hannett, Stephen Hopkins

What's The Duration Of The 4 Deep By Threat?

The duration of 4 Deep is 3:14 minutes and seconds.

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