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One Hitta Quitta

One Hitta Quitta Lyrics by Three 6 Mafia
One Hitta Quitta Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For One Hitta Quitta By Three 6 Mafia?

(Lil Wyte)
Yeah, Mother Fuckers
Pussy niggas get the f*ck out right now
Real niggas push ya fist in ya mother fuckin air like this
Its going down

(DJ Paul)
(Pre Chorus 2x)
This is for my GD's
And my see-are-I-P's
My Vice Lords
And be -L double O-D's

(Chorus 2x)
I got that One Hitta Quitta
That one hitta quitta quitta
One hitta quitta
That one hitta quitta nigga
Fine out
And get ya fuckin teeth knocked out
Fine out
And get ya fuckin teeth knocked out

(DJ Paul)
A nigga knocked out
Soon as I stepped through the door
I guess they thought we playin
But I guess they didn't know
We started kickin ass
Drunk off ass kickin potion
Cause this left mean death
Even in slow motion
I'ma break
A nigga jaw
Da fuckin law
Hit him down raw
Nigga all y'all
If a nigga violates ya in da club
It ain't shit to talk about
Clock his ass out

(Frayser Boy)
I never try to move fast
I just stick to da script
If a nigga talkin shit
Hit dat bitch in da lip
You got some'em to say about me
You niggas won't doubt me
You mad cause I get the cash
Then a nigga I don't do
One half of the bar
Nigga fuckin bay hit
Kinda hectic when I'm disrespectin
Never play fair
But it's cool gotta realize
Some these niggas faggots
Kinda like everything I love
Another nigga hatin

(Chorus 2x)

(Juicy J)
F*ck these bitches
I'ma pull this glock on you
Nigga come wrong
He gone have to get popped on
Fool actin hard
He be listenin to them Poxon
Don't let this rap music
Get yo dome knocked on
Maybe knocked in with some friends
Holdin right chrome
Think we playin with yo boy
Nigga bring it on all yalls
Studio gangsta
Probably hit ya with the microphone
Coward ass bitch
Will be sleepin with the lights on

(Lil Wyte)
I'm not a gangsta
But this shit is for the Crips and the Bloods
GD's, Vice Lords, and white boys
Come claimin to be thugs
I got a one hitta quitta
Negotiatin bettin
On these bony knuckles
And all the things that you soon be regrettin
I have a closed caption
Marijuana treated brain
When you hit the ground
I spill it across the screen
Round one and wyte ain't got no toy
To beat the competition
Let that mother fucker swing
And show that bitch what he been missin

(Chorus 2x)

(Crunchy Black)
I got a one hitta quitta
For any nigga talk shit
Ya talk shit
And find ya body in a ditch
Ain't nothin goin on but that
Triple Six
And hypnotize fuckin mind
Can I have a lick?
You in da club
Tryin to show off in front of bitch
I beat ya down
And throw the fuckin six
And go outside
And get the extra clip
We make a zappa out ya niggas
Don't be next bitch

(Lord Infamous)
You get ??? evil beat
Until you ??? ??? ???
Scarecrow the Scan Man
Double live buck a sleeve
When I pull this unit
It's a Intensive care unit
And I steal your blood type
So they can't transfuse it
World War Vet hear the BLAY
Hit the deck
Kaiser Soscate
He's your one suspect
With a one hitta quitta
And some shit to disfigure
In your hospital room
To finish you off nigga

(Chorus 2x)
(Pre Chorus 4x)

Who Wrote One Hitta Quitta By Three 6 Mafia?

Cedric Coleman, Darnell Carlton, Jordan Houston, Patrick Lanshaw, Paul Beauregard, Ricky Dunigan

What's The Duration Of The One Hitta Quitta By Three 6 Mafia?

The duration of One Hitta Quitta is 5:05 minutes and seconds.

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