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Wonderful World

Wonderful World Lyrics by Three Impotent Males
Wonderful World Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Wonderful World By Three Impotent Males?

The homeless in the street can't find a fuckin' place to sleep
As the political criminal turns up the thermostat
Someone scrapes the bottom of the barrel just to eat
And we all become so fat

We're so fuckin' stupid we don't give back what we take
We frown on the less fortunate and poor
No one cried when the homeless guy died
Apparently if you're famous it matters more

It is a wonderful world we live in
As long as we're protected from the outside
Fairy tale wonderland
Stand alone don't understand
As our souls slowly died

Bang bang bang three shots rin out
Someone's son was just taken out
At twelve years old that's no way to go
He was black who gives a f*ck
Pile back into the police truck
Who did it we will never know

I'll play the cards that I've been dealt
But I'll always have an ace in the hole
Your fuckin' perfect fairy tale land is spinning out of control
It's a wonderful world

Who Wrote Wonderful World By Three Impotent Males?

Dieter Bohlen

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