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Kill Me Quickly

Kill Me Quickly Lyrics by Thrice
Kill Me Quickly Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Kill Me Quickly By Thrice?

Can we,
Can we kill each other quickly,
Quick enough so I won't feel it?
A shot of strobe light anesthesia and I'll be fine
'Cause I'm beginning to feel cold.

My hands are shaking from fear,
White from clutching my pride, red from cutting you
And blue from telling lies.

'Cause I'm sick of the stabbing, I'm sick of the breaking
I'm sick of the bleeding until we fall down.
Sick of this circle of death that we dance through again
And again, just lay me in the ground
Let's fall asleep together, hold me darling 'cause I'm scared,
And I can't do this alone.

But I need your heartbeat to haunt me, your cold lips to breathe,
A promise that tomorrow we'll wake up somewhere new.

Who Wrote Kill Me Quickly By Thrice?

Dustin Michael Kensrue, Edward Carrington Breckenridge, James Riley Breckenridge, Teppei Teranishi

What's The Duration Of The Kill Me Quickly By Thrice?

The duration of Kill Me Quickly is 2:47 minutes and seconds.

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