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Flying Lyrics by Throwing Muses
Flying Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Flying By Throwing Muses?

Wig out on me
One more time, I swear
We'll take this outside
I take you to pretty places
You'd think you'd just take the rest in stride
But if I'd known fucking with a payphone would've got me this
I would've tried sooner

Why can't I sleep, in here?
Bury me, bury me inside him
Familiar faces never lie
You think they know what's coming
But if I'd thought keeping us apart did any good
I would've died sooner

I make you so sad
What can I do, what can I do?
I worry so bad
What can I do, what can I do?

I make you so mad
What can I do, what can I do?
I want you so bad
What can I do, what can I do?

Wig out on me
I don't mind, I swear
By now I almost like it
This place is fascinating when you're here
But when you're not, it's not
But if I'd known leaving every home would get me here
I would've gone sooner

Who Wrote Flying By Throwing Muses?

Chris Isaak

What's The Duration Of The Flying By Throwing Muses?

The duration of Flying is 5:50 minutes and seconds.

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