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Funny Thing

Funny Thing Lyrics by Thundercat
Funny Thing Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Funny Thing By Thundercat?

Do you mind if I wild out
A little?
'Cause I'm just a little drunk
And I wanna come party with you
A little

When I look into your eyes
I can tell that you're high, too
That's okay baby
'Cause I just wanna party with you

'Cause when we hit the peak, baby
I just wanna party with you
All night

Someone hold my phone
'Cause I can't hold my tongue
'Cause if I get too drunk baby
Then I'm gonna ruin the fun
It's not your problem
It's because I've seen too much, baby
Sorry if I give you PTSD

But I just wanna party with you
All night
Because you make me happy
That's right

I only wanna party with you
Because you make everything

Who Wrote Funny Thing By Thundercat?

Stephen Lee Bruner

What's The Duration Of The Funny Thing By Thundercat?

The duration of Funny Thing is 1:57 minutes and seconds.

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