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Tenfold Lyrics by Thundercat
Tenfold Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Tenfold By Thundercat?

Maybe you'll see one day
We'll be free
From fear, from fear, remember my name
I won't forget you, even passing
I know we'll be, don't you forget me
Strange how things work, nothing's promised
Let your heart beat, you'll guide mine
Your guide, always we will survive
I will go on, no need for care
Won't you trust me

I know it's hard when you can't trust
No one, nothing, you can't let love go
You can trust me, I will never, leave you
Right here, always, by your side
Heavy, dare we, got to
Share this love
Who knows maybe we'll learn to fly

Who Wrote Tenfold By Thundercat?

Stephen Bruner, Steven D Ellison, Taylor Graves

What's The Duration Of The Tenfold By Thundercat?

The duration of Tenfold is 3:04 minutes and seconds.

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