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Tin Star Man

Tin Star Man Lyrics by Thunderstone
Tin Star Man Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Tin Star Man By Thunderstone?

Land of the free
Home of the brave
A history of heroes
In my name
One truth under god
I feel I am stranded
In a world covered in dark
A shield against evil
I light the spark
I can feel it in my blood
I carry on my sacred ride
Across the seas and the great divide

I will save you, even if you don't want me to
My electric eye will always find you
I'm the one, me, myself and I
Feel the thunder when I light up the sky

No one can stop me now
It's already begun
I'm the tin star man

It's a thin line between good and bad
But knowing I'm right keeps me on the track
Righteous and clean
I have the power, I have the force
To bring down my foes and to lead my cause
The light shines on me

Who Wrote Tin Star Man By Thunderstone?

Kari Ernst Tornack, Mirka Kiril Kristian Rantanen, Nino Laurenne, Pasi Antero Rantanen, Titus Hjelm

What's The Duration Of The Tin Star Man By Thunderstone?

The duration of Tin Star Man is 5:11 minutes and seconds.

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