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Raedawn Lyrics by Viktor Vaughn
Raedawn Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Raedawn By Viktor Vaughn?

I could understand it
V the beat bandit who bring heat for the mic, unhand it
Whoever go after burn they hands and lips
A lot of rappers ran and abandoned they whips
It's just another day in the Dunya
Don't leave your girl around V he might swoon her
Up under the window serenade her like a crooner
Stay ahead of the game and cut her off sooner rather later
Use her to gather data
Scoop her in the butter soft moon roof Navigator
Or the Land or the Lex or the Benz
116th by the hour from the Africans
But they won't let you push 'em
One tried to get fly I almost had to mush him
If I wanted to rob him I would have wore a mask
Hit him with the four, took the dough and tore ass
Want not, waste not, front not
They didn't see him dip into the 50 cent blunt spot
V walked the town with space boots, space suits
Fucked up cut but she still say his face cute
Told the streets, "What you staring at?"
The sewer cap opened up and said, "Why you wearing that?"
He said, "Oh you wanna snap, piss-face?
The way you be in everybody business is a disgrace!"
At the park gates, "Hark who goes there?"
"It's V, the MC who's nasty as nose hair"
"You may go", He said, "You should have been say so!"
Tipped him in cash, an Argentinian Peso
"There you go my good man, buy something nice for the seed
And please keep it moving twice the speed
Consider that your fair warn
Or else I'll bring it to ya express like Airborne"
Vaughn, drop a turd on the beat
And shout out that little bird from the Word on the Street
He write "VIK" in a sick demented handstyle
And go bombing with a chick who whipped the rented van while
All he say is, "You nuts"
He really had enough of poo putts and crew cuts, soup's on!
And I got a coupon
Chinese restaurant asking for the grey poupon
He said, "No! Duck sauce, soy sauce!
And this ain't no Burger King so you don't get no toy, boss"
Oh-oh it's beer o'clock I think I'm sober
"How 'bout we think this over over a can of King Cobra?" (Ok)
You ain't nicer than the lunatic sheister
Aka the Vikster, or the Vikmeister
He wonders should he get a baldie
Or keep his edge up, V-shaped like Mamuwalde
That is the question
They wonder why he always wear hats in the sessions
(Listen up) new drink, named it after Chong daughter
Triple shot of 'gnac with a chaser of bong water
V a strong supporter
Triple shot of 'gnac with a chaser of bong water
(I dare ya)
C'mon bring the slaughter
(Y'all scared!)

Who Wrote Raedawn By Viktor Vaughn?

Daniel Thompson, Mathew Schmitz, Nathaniel Gosman

What's The Duration Of The Raedawn By Viktor Vaughn?

The duration of Raedawn is 3:00 minutes and seconds.

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