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Lucy Dee

Lucy Dee Lyrics by Vince Gill
Lucy Dee Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Lucy Dee By Vince Gill?

I've been sittin' here talkin' at you all night long
Now honey you still come off cool
Well you could have walked away instead you're leadin' me on
Lucy who you tryin' to fool

Yeah, Lucy Dee
You ain't got to run that line on me
Well it's plain to see
That you ain't all that you're made out to be
Well you can tell all your friends
That you finally met your equal, Lucy Dee

You've known all along just what I'm talkin' about
Well you knew someday there'd come a man
Who wouldn't keep on givin' 'til he finally gave out
Lucy, honey, here I stand

Well you tell me you've known every thrill there is to know
And nothin' in this life comes free, nothin'
Well you tell me you've been every way there is to go
Lucy you ain't been with me

Poor Lucy Dee

Who Wrote Lucy Dee By Vince Gill?

Steve Earle

What's The Duration Of The Lucy Dee By Vince Gill?

The duration of Lucy Dee is 3:54 minutes and seconds.

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