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Night Train

Night Train Lyrics by Visage
Night Train Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Night Train By Visage?

The message
In a faded envelope
In a vice-like grip

The passage
Of a carriage in the dark
On a foreign trip (again)

The image
Of a figure in the trees
In the evening rain

The knowledge
Of a stranger in your midst
On a speeding train (again)

Night train
He senses
Perfume lingers in the night
Smell of French cologne

He watches
As a hand turns down the light
Leaves him all alone (again)

He whispers
In a dim lit empty room
But it's all in vain

He laughs
When he reads the note he finds
On the midnight train (again)

Night train
Journey on the night train

Who Wrote Night Train By Visage?

Peter Anselm Egan, Midge Ure, Billy Currie, Dave Formula, Steve Strange

What's The Duration Of The Night Train By Visage?

The duration of Night Train is 4:00 minutes and seconds.

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