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Liberation Lyrics by Vision of Disorder
Liberation Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Liberation By Vision of Disorder?

It's something that's inside
Or your poor streets
Something that makes us strive
It's not the voice in my head
They place the blame on you
They place the blame on me
There's nothing you can do
Is it the desperation?
To change this world
Is it the solemn faces in the tower?
Is it the weakness?
Convincing eyes-multiple
Contributing to the aggression
Take up arms upon you
That persuades me to
They claim the states in distress
Due to the rise in crime
I feel the manifest
Has broken far west
No one really cares so it's your death
Was it a suicide? Was it a homicide?
We are the ones who will suffer cause in 2001
Nothing has changed cause nothing was done
To control our resources to contain out pollutants
Well hemp could have saved the world
In fear of your economy
But you're too scared
Tripping, falling, locked out inside
Control, resist products that left us
Slipping, drowning, crumble down
It's running through our veins
Dwindled, endangered, dying extinct
It's gonna end this world
You say we caught this disease
Spread through your culture
We're growing every day
Your children turning to us
The pleasant way is gone
Cause it doesn't work
Don't you think you've tasted
Yes this world you've wasted
The fruits of this life
This will be your restraint

Who Wrote Liberation By Vision of Disorder?

Mathew Paul Baumbach, Brendon Cohen, Michael Thomas Fleischmann, Michael Kennedy, Tim Williams

What's The Duration Of The Liberation By Vision of Disorder?

The duration of Liberation is 3:37 minutes and seconds.

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