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Electric Ice

Electric Ice Lyrics by X 1
Electric Ice Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Electric Ice By X 1?

[Chorus 2X: X-1 & Mieva]
We put lights in the chains, baby, that's what's up
Strobe lights in the range, baby, that's what's up
High beams in the bracelets, that's what's up
Electric diamonds, baby, that's what's up
[Fredro Starr]
Aiyo I pull up in some big shit, poppin B.I.G. shit
No stearin wheel, Benz toyin wit the joystick
Park the spaceship, special effects
On the bracelets, ice jumpin out like The Matrix
Who light up for than Vegas
Nigga lookin like Times Square on New Years, when the ball drop
My neck is like a light show on Fourth of July
Both wrists like fireworks lightin the sky
Private airports, Air Force, one's untied
Blunt in my mouth, stretch now, you waitin outside
Shit, even when I tuck it in, it blink through the shirt
How does it work? bitches askin how much it's worth
Killin eighth street, Ferrari drop, niggas'll clock
Bitches'll stop and waive, high blondin, bitches to watch
Is that lights on ya stage, that ice on ya chain?
Yo I'm C.O., Other People Money type thing
Now haters in the game want to take my place
Live my life, wish they could take my face
F*ck my wife, wish me death to rock my lights
But that's the price of fame, Electric Ice
[Chorus 2X]
Floss out, strawberry lights, lavender life
More money than Blake character's wife
Lady ice criminal, rock minerals
Bitches can't stand it, Electric Ice, lookin transparent
You ain't gettin no brighter, a hundred watts in the bezel
The face of an angel wit the body of a devil
Diamonds rock like glaciers
At the tennis courts wit high beams and tennis bracelets
Blindin Venus, hahahaha
Ten days out the summer, put them blazers up
Ninja bike night ridin wit my helmet up
Sock on my Nikes, look at bitches clockin the lights
Go ahead and touch that and get the shock of ya life
Who that nigga over there wit the glow in his chest
It gotta be X, niggas stay flirtin wit death
Lookin like I got a Christmas tree around my neck
You try to cop that, by Jacob ain't got those yet
Wires inside to shine, kid the hottest design
Try to define a nigga that's inspired to grind
Yesterday my lights was green, today they red
I turn the bracelet off, before I goes to bed,
Electric Ice
[Chorus 2X]

Who Wrote Electric Ice By X 1?

Charles Smith, Fred Scruggs

What's The Duration Of The Electric Ice By X 1?

The duration of Electric Ice is 2:46 minutes and seconds.

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