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Big Phat Fish

Big Phat Fish Lyrics by Xtatik
Big Phat Fish Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Big Phat Fish By Xtatik?

Big fat fish, raining from the sky,
Mek the man them cry, and let off a sigh
Big fat fish, right in front me eye,
Man get camera shy, when them see her thigh

Di way she wine me get dizzy dizzy
Her body bone a move busy busy,
Ready fi die like Biggie Biggie,
Di gal a die try fi mi but mi know seh,
That kind a gal yah she nuh kiss an tell,
Every day she a ring off mi bell,
She want a sample outta mi oil well,
She a bawl out, she a cry out,
She a shout out, fi Machel,


Hi baby love you must be a re-issue,
Sweet an sexy fleshy tissue,
Me a mek sure no bwoy nuh diss yuh
Watch da bwoy deh beside yuh
Cause him well want kiss yuh
Mi see how long yuh a penny mi,
You mussy find out seh mi have the remedy
Mi nah mek nuh bwoy get ahead a me
So just tell me gal yuh waan deh wid me
Call me friend them and show dem da sight ya
Mi buck gal wha tight but gal yuh tighter
All mek christian a tun backbitter
And if she ask, I just mighta


Who Wrote Big Phat Fish By Xtatik?

Anthony Kelly, Darryl Henry, Machel Montano

What's The Duration Of The Big Phat Fish By Xtatik?

The duration of Big Phat Fish is 3:06 minutes and seconds.

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