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Rebirth [2016]

Rebirth [2016] Lyrics by XXXTENTACION
Rebirth [2016] Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Rebirth [2016] By XXXTENTACION?

Pay attention to what you're doing in your life
'Cause your life is right in front of you
Everything you need is right in front of you
Even if you're broke, even if you're broke, dead broke
It's because it's supposed to be like that and everything
The people who struggle the most or get it the hardest will succeed in the end, I promise you
You will not have the hardest life forever
Everything will come to you, what you deserve will come to you
And if I end up getting shot and killed for what the f*ck I'm doing
Or if I end up getting my ass beat at some point in time
Or, or, nigga, if shit get hard on me, it's because I deserve it
That's point-blank-period
Everybody will get a death that's, everybody will get a death that is deserving
Everybody will get a life that is deserving, everybody
You will get what the f*ck you deserve
Karma, point-blank-period

Who Wrote Rebirth [2016] By XXXTENTACION?

Jahseh Onfroy, Nolan Santana

What's The Duration Of The Rebirth [2016] By XXXTENTACION?

The duration of Rebirth [2016] is 2:34 minutes and seconds.

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