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Save Me

Save Me Lyrics by XXXTENTACION
Save Me Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Save Me By XXXTENTACION?

Up there (yeah)

Who do I have?
Heaven and hell, my friend, my friend
I won't shed a tear
Let them see me in pain again
Hello (hello) from the dark side in
Does anybody here wanna be my friend? (My friend)
Want it all to end
Tell me when the f*ck is it all gon' end?
Voices in my head telling me I'm gonna end up dead

So save me (save me), before I fall
So save me, I don't wanna be all alone
So save me (save me), before I fall
So save me (save me), I don't wanna be all alone

Who Wrote Save Me By XXXTENTACION?

Billy Angelo Garcia, Christopher Gibbs, Dion Davenport, Frederick Allen Ii Davenport, Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, Joseph Gardner, Jovan Peterson, Mandell Strawter, Sy Ari Brockington

What's The Duration Of The Save Me By XXXTENTACION?

The duration of Save Me is 2:43 minutes and seconds.

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