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Romantic Call

Romantic Call Lyrics by Yo-Yo
Romantic Call Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Romantic Call By Yo-Yo?

My property is my property
Contract body
Romance in front of
Watch this

I'm on a romantic call
Talkin' to my baby
Don't me lord
I'm on a romantic call
Such a broad

Watch this
Hello mommy
Can I speak to bobby

I'm feelin' very lonely
Mommy workin' for me
I'm on the phone
I want to talk to my baby
On call up in California
Lonely make your sexy

I'm on a romantic call
Talkin' to my baby
Don't let me lord
I'm on a romantic call
My man such another broad

Watch it!
I wanna that's drivin' in his Caddy
Dressed in his kahki
Hangin' with the
Extra extra sexy
Wanna roll in a butter

That's right I'm top
Gotta be sister
To put the skin
Skin you won't be in
Or should I
I'm like a

Who Wrote Romantic Call By Yo-Yo?

Miles Davis, Howard Thompson, Dorothy Patra Smith, Yolanda Whitaker

What's The Duration Of The Romantic Call By Yo-Yo?

The duration of Romantic Call is 4:05 minutes and seconds.

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