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Time Lyrics by Young Gunz
Time Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Time By Young Gunz?

[Young Chris talking]
Just need a lil time man, that's all I need
Lost a lot of soldiers ya know
Rest In Peace
Mom duke struggling
Baby on the way

[Young Chris]
I know I promised you the house and the wheel
Just need a little time for the house on the hills
Got all the bills to keep this crib too
So when we in the city that's the spot we can chill
Be on your own, been working all your life
Went to school every other day working all your nights
I know your tired of the bullshit ma
Forget about it now your boy Chris rhyme, we good
No more corner store grub, eat good
Damn right we gon' take avantage as we should
As they say we shall over come
In the hood most of young die over guns (Its real)
I lost three in like three months straight
We see the pain to see youngs face, it ain't a game
And they think its all peaches and cream
They thinkin mines and I'm broke when they see me on screen
See what I mean, I let ya niggaz read in between
Just give me....tiiiime

All I need
All I need is tiiiime, tiiiime
All I need
All I need is time

[Young Neef]
To put you right where you need to be
Lens up in the game, now the shit ain't what it used to be
But Ima grind now until we all good
'Till we layin in the woods and got property up in the hood
You runnin real estate, ain't got to worry bout being late takin orders
Ya boy will help support ya
Funny how the young'n had did it
a lot thought he was gon' stop but the boy stuck with it
You even questioned it, whole hood stressin it
I come too far to let it go down the drain
But half of you motherfuckers don't understand my pain
I got to deal with these lames to get this little bit of change
Little bit of fame and the girls think I changed
Same shit, different toilet when you messing with the game
I rather do this though, and fucking my wrist glow
Same niggaz who doubted now they sayin we should blow
Homey ain't raise no coward I was takin the shit slow


[Young Chris]
Look man, the cops is gettin vicious the streets gettin colder
My nephew gettin tall my niece gettin older
You know their pop, that's my brother fam
Lil sis back home gettin grown on the other hand
Givin me feedback
Now I gotta put a end to that before she get wild and start havin see scrat
Mom duke stressin still workin every night
My niggaz right and I'm impliyin in every kite
Just the other night lost a close homey man
He got caught sleepin with his toast on him, damn
Shame he can't see his son grow
Younger brother got game on his way to the pros
And I was just runnin with him
He got two cousins just came home, couldnt even get a summer with him
And everybody knew his life goes, true hustler but that's the way life goes
Love to the jails everybody stayin broke doin...tiiiime

[Hook 2X]

Who Wrote Time By Young Gunz?

Michel Jean Legrand, Arthur Hamilton, Alfred Weisman, Benjamin Weisman

What's The Duration Of The Time By Young Gunz?

The duration of Time is 3:46 minutes and seconds.

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