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Stubborn Ass

Stubborn Ass Lyrics by Young M.A.
Stubborn Ass Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Stubborn Ass By Young M.A.?

Like, what's wrong with you man?
I don't understand, like
I say one thing, you got something to say after that
I'm trying to talk to you, you don't want to talk
Like, come on man

Uh, doing shit for attention won't get my attention
Instead of hitting me up you do shit with intentions
I thought we was grown
Like, who are you kidding?
I guess trying to make it work now is out of commission, huh?
Don't make selfish decisions
Admit when you're wrong
The only way we can fix it
But you doing that is like Mission Impossible
Like it's hard, like it's logical
Like you going through obstacles

Trust me it's easy, it's like eating a Popsicle
It's like tying a shoe
Easy as buying shoes
You get me? You get the point that I'm trying to prove?
'Cause admitting you wrong is like pulling a tooth
That's still in the root that ain't even loose
Oh, and you love to assume
And instead of confronting me
It's this big elephant inside of the room
Now you don't speak, now you a mute

So used to holding your feelings in
Now your mind is immune
Your heart is hurting
Your body is confused
You rather be stubborn
Than sit and confront it
Come on, like we gotta improve
That's not even cool
Talk, even when you not in the mood
This is love, gotta apply by the rules
You leaving now is like a twelfth grader deciding to drop out of school
That's like being dumb and a fool
Sweeping shit under the rug
F*ck that, I'm breaking the broom

With your stubborn ass
Such a stubborn ass
You lucky I fucking love your ass
With your stubborn ass
Such a stubborn ass
Come here rub my head
While I rub your ass

One minute you love me
The next minute you hate me
This is Nascar love, you driving me crazy
We gotta take it slow
Like we driving Ms Daisy
If I say that they roses you say that they daisies
This is not a competition
I'm not your opposition
You say don't call you a bitch, but you bitching
Instead of being defensive, just take a moment to listen
As soon as you can't take the heat
You walk your ass out the kitchen

Speaking of kitchen, I see a sink full of dishes I didn't wash
After you cooked dinner, that pissed you off
I should have took out the trash before I walked out the house
You right, I guess this the small shit you be talking about
But what about the make-up that's all over the bathroom
And when I'm 'sleep that's when you decide you want to turn on the vacuum
When I'm mad and I grab you, you say I'm trying to attack you
Like you ain't just swing on me
Bitch, I'm trying to relax you
It's never good when I'm mad and you mad too
We both act a fool like kids when the teacher not in the classroom
Now we both in a bad mood and that never mixes well
Like a stomach and bad food, girl we bad news, huh

With your stubborn ass
Such a stubborn ass
You lucky I fucking love your ass
With your stubborn ass
Such a stubborn ass
Come here rub my head
While I rub your ass

Stubborn ass
You lucky I fucking love your ass
Come here let me touch your ass
Stubborn ass

Who Wrote Stubborn Ass By Young M.A.?

Jordan Lewis, Katorah Marrero, Marvin Thomas

What's The Duration Of The Stubborn Ass By Young M.A.?

The duration of Stubborn Ass is 3:20 minutes and seconds.

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