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Inside My Head

Inside My Head Lyrics by Young MC
Inside My Head Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Inside My Head By Young MC?

Chorus 1: (spoken)
This song will discuss four main parts of the brain.
The cerebrum, the cerebellum, the limbic system and the brain stem.
And one individual's use or misuse of these parts.

Inside my head, or inside my brain
Is that part of me which keeps me sane
Which helps me discern between right and wrong
And other things I'm gonna talk about in this song
It's time for the people to know, so now I tell 'em
What goes in my cerebrum and my cerebellum
The though process that helps me get dressed
Get up and go to school, sit down and take a test
It helps me determine if a girl is fine
And the steps necessary to make her mine
It tells me if something is cold or hot
And I don't mess it up with crack, coke, or pot
It helps my hearing, taste, touch and sight
And smell so that I can tell that everything's alright
It tells me when to get up and when to go to bed
This is some of what goes on inside my head
Inside my head, I wonder what might happen
If the day came and I stopped rappin'
Would I still have friends or be all alone
Do they like me for me or for the microphone
And also, when I go on a date
To a fancy restaurant, a hundred dollars a plate
And people stare, is it because they recognize me
Or are they knee-jerk reacting to what they see
I'm sorry, let me make it somewhat clear
Do they look with joy or do they look with fear
Do they think 'oh wow, Young MC is near'
Or do they think, 'yo, get that nigga out of here'
I don't know, it's an unfortunate case
That I can't read your mind when I see your face
But on the other hand, you can't read mine
So I guess that the status quo's just fine
For instance, say I'm in a tall building
Looking out the window, what if I illed and
Jumped out, would it really matter to some
And if they had my funeral, just who would come
Would they cry for me after I was gone
Well don't worry, that's not how I'm gonna move on
'Cause I want to go to heaven after I am dead
But this is what I goes on inside my head

Chorus 2: (spoken)
The cerebrum is the part of the brain which is responsible for thinking,
reasoning, problem solving, and initiating responses to external stimuli. It
is comprised of four lobes: the frontal, which is concerned with speech and
voluntary muscle activity. The partietal, which is concerned with the
interpretation of sensory stimuli, the temporal, which is concerned with
auditory stimuli or hearing. And the occipital lobe, which is concerned with
the interpretation of visual stimuli. It is the development of the cerebrum
in humans which distinguishes us from other living creatures. Only whales
and dolphins have comparable cerebral development.

Inside my head, pretty women reign supreme
Because they enter my live and dominate my dreams
I see one walking down the avenue freely
And I look her up and down hoping that she don't see me
Then I wonder, what if the girl just stopped
Threw me on the ground and she got on top
And moved and grooved until our bodies were slick
Then I stop and say 'man, that's sick'
But I'm not alone in this train of thought
A lot of people think it, but they don't get caught
They just live their lives and keep it all inside
Another secret that the brain will hide,
Right, I wonder what it's like to live life wild
I wonder which women will have my child
Will I be a good parent, or will I be cold
Then I imagine I'm five years old
I'm running down the street without a care in the world
Puberty's later, so I don't think about girls
Mom and Dad will do whatever I say
They think it's really cute to see their son play
Responsibility is like a four letter word
They say they told me something, I'll say I never heard
Forget growing up, I'll be a kid instead
Because this is what goes on inside my head

Chorus 3: (spoken)
The cerebellum is located below the occtipal lobe and behind the brain stem.
It takes impulses from the rest of the brain and helps translate them into
coordinated muscle movements. Any muscular activity, from brute strength to
a steady hand, requires a high degree of cerebellum input. The brain stem is
located just above the base of the skull, and is the continuous connection
between the brain and the spinal cord. The lowest part of the brain stem or
The medullah oblongata actually becomes the spinal cord at the medullah's
lowest point and is concerned with the waking and sleeping states.

Inside my head, there are so many questions to answer
And self-doubt grows in my mind like cancer
But I make sure that my thoughts are pure
And my self-confidence is like a cancer cure
So someone tell me why I think I'm fat
When none of my friends ever think like that
And could it be I'm not as ugly as I feel
Because a lot of women think I've got sex appeal
And is it true, that I'm just too commercial
Not black enough cause I'm not controversial
Is it true what religious fanatics tell
If I don't go to your church then I'm going to hell
And is it true, that I'm obliged to try
To please everyone with music I supply
And is it true, that it will make me strong
If I sleep with a women cause she likes my song
And is it true that I'm not a real black man
If I fall in love with somebody who needs a tan
And is it true that I have to try to be
Some type of superhero, cause I'm Young MC
And is it true, that I have to watch myself
Because I think about sex more than anyone else
And is it true, that every women is fake
'cause she don't like me for me but for the money I make
And is it true that I must be out of place
Since pop radio likes me, I'm ignoring my race
And is it true what some people will complain
That since I made this song I must be insane
Hell no, these are just negative thoughts
And I just ignore them so I won't get caught
I let my heart lead and my brain be led
Because this is what goes on inside my head

Chorus 4: (spoken)
The limbic system or the visceral brain is located in the area above the
brain stem and below the cerebrum. It is concerned with emotional tone,
habitual tendencies, sexual behavior and desires, and is closely associated
with the cerebrum. This association provides an inhibition for the raw
emotional output of the limbic system. It is the artist's opinion that the
concept of self-control rests upon the cerebrum's ability to regulate the
uninhibited emotional impulses of the limbic system. And for me, the
struggle continues.

Who Wrote Inside My Head By Young MC?

Marvin Young, Mike Oldfield

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