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Grand Hang Out

Grand Hang Out Lyrics by Young Tru
Grand Hang Out Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Grand Hang Out By Young Tru?

[Chorus: Nelly]
I see you niggas ain't renting and leasing these cars
Fronting like you buy and buy and buy and buy 'em
Claiming that you making so much paper but I know
That I know that you a liar liar liar liar
Let a grand hang out, let a grand hang out
Dip deep into your pockets, let a grand hang out
Let a grand hang out, let a grand hang out
If you balling then quit the stalling, let a grand hang out

Uhh, uhh, uhh, see'mon!
Hey yo, I pull up so aggressive nigga, hopping out the thing
Ice dripping wet like I just hopped up out the rain
My picture perfect pose like I hopped up out a frame
Ain't a coach on the planet that can take me out the game
My heart beats forever like my name was Eddie King
A Midwest rider like my dirty Jesse James
The CEO of dirty and he go by Cornell Haynes
Mean-mugging all you niggas like I hopped up out your dame
I'm like uh-oh, there he go-oh
A hundred and twenty up Natural Bridge in that Mo-Mo
Slipping and sliding, look how he riding pass the po-po
He blazing that fire behind the {?} they don't know-oh
Whoo! I'm really thinking of changing my name to Krispy Kreme
I'm do-nuts nigga, let me tell you what I mean
I'm paper chasing, chasing the paper, you chasing dreams
My money gettin stronger like it's takin Creatine


[Young Tru]
My pockets like Wyclef Jean, the +Fu-gees+
We them locksmith boys, we keep a few ki's
Caterpillar pimp, that butterfly whores
Lamborghini spreewells, butterfly doors
Some'n like McDonald's when I move in packs
Quarter-Pound Supersized bullets and Big Mac's
House longer than I-70, arise ten stories
And I still "Rob" niggas just like Horry
Everybody hate on Young Tru boy
Cause they know that the nigga on fire fire fire fire
Rap phenomenon, soon as the album drop
artists don't eat like the month of Ramadan
Dirty this, dirty that, guess I'm a Dirty cat
Selling niggas some chickens, rob 'em get the birdies back
Plumber of the game, that flood the state
In a stretch Phantom, with more Windows than Bill Gates


Uhh, uhh, Joey Crack!

[Fat Joe]
Yeah, they lease and we buy 'em, we peace and they crime
They dying cause we street, keep heat, and keep firing
y'all know, top of the world's my motto
Anna Kournikovia, baby girl's my model
All I wanted in life is to be a soldier
Now you can find me with chicks just doing yoga
Meditation that Marley, the hydraulicals
You heard Big, go check the Brown, they might hire you
High definition to any form of telecast
Me and young dirty got plenty hoes and hella cash
All I need is a minute to "Shatter Your Dreams"
And we about to sell more than Avril Lavigne (bitch!)
And all I do is rep the hood where the jugs be
Can't help it if the folks at MTV love me
y'all see the T.S. we shining, come to the be-X we grinding
y'all want to be us keep trying, we buying, he's lying


Uh, uh, ladies!

[Remy Martin]
We like, f*ck, that; I need a stack
And like, forty-nine to go with that
I'm quick to, tell a hoe her flow is wack
The type to, cop the jersey, throw it back
See I can stunt and tell a chick "Yo let your man hang out"
Since he fronting like it's nothing, let a grand hang out
F*ck a handout, I been getting ? since way back
Can't wait to see they faces when I drop the Maybach
You lying, you claim you buying but you renting and leasing
If you pimping and niggas spending, where's the paper you seeing?
Stop stalling, I'm balling, call me Sheryl Swoops
Can't stand the backseat driver, that's why I cop the Coupe
Yeah, I been testing law with the darkest tints
So explicit valet had to tip to park the shit
I'm like a, block away and the whip be starting
Oh God, it's Remy Martin!

[Chorus: Repeats]

Who Wrote Grand Hang Out By Young Tru?

Remy Kioni Smith, Joseph Cartagena, Jason Epperson, Cornell Haynes, Young Tru

What's The Duration Of The Grand Hang Out By Young Tru?

The duration of Grand Hang Out is 4:51 minutes and seconds.

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