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My Buddy

My Buddy Lyrics by Yukmouth
My Buddy Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For My Buddy By Yukmouth?

Me and You
[Daz] And you know that
Me and You

Who can fade it, two assassins up on the mic
Blastin', askin' no questions, when they catch you in a gunfight
Kaboom! We still mash as a team
As we mash for our dreams, (?) hood niggaz for green
It's Dillinger, fulfillin, makin a low outta killin
Pullin' scandalous (?) fulfillin fantasy dreams
Catch me on a Costa Rica, with an island full of weed
Money and bitches, on a boat for Sweden

See when I'm yellin'
International help me
No colorlines on my
Ugly and fine
You can sell me
I'm glad folks think the same way as I do
Cause I stab bitches way down in the Bayou
Would you make way for two mo'
Fo' blows, like you have hoes
Stamp a nation wide through the ghetto
Fore youngsters, Hennesy sponsors
With fore youngsters on a
Quarter of the map now I do

I spin mayor loot and khaki suits
Nike's and cripsacks,
Wetsuits and leather boots
I block niggaz twice with thighs
Buck with a .45
Make you open while you blast at the parking lot

What you speakin' on
Want to go through it
Drink a lot, made from fluid
Scrump bitch, don't you hear the music
My buddy, Daz Dilly and Numskull
You will be thanked
With you're petty pang petty

[Chorus x 2]
To all my niggaz.. and all my bitches
Throw your motherfuckin hands in the air
And if you don't give a f*ck
Like we don't give a f*ck then
Throw your motherfuckin hood up in the air

Check it out
No bitch ass niggaz, no funny ass hoes
Dogg Pound Gangstas drippin' in low-lows
You ain't all about th

Who Wrote My Buddy By Yukmouth?

Delmar Drew Arnaud, Ricardo Brown, Mike Dean, Jerold D Jr. Ellis, Garrick Husbands, Leroy Williams

What's The Duration Of The My Buddy By Yukmouth?

The duration of My Buddy is 4:50 minutes and seconds.

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