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So Ignorant

So Ignorant Lyrics by Yukmouth
So Ignorant Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For So Ignorant By Yukmouth?

[Nate Dogg]
Everytime I smoke
I smoke indo smoke
It happens every time I drink
Somebody better call my shrink
I'll beat it 'til the pussy's weak
Some niggaz don't sleep man I don't blink
Sometimes I think I over-think
Sometimes I feel like, somebody's watchin me

You motherfuckers can't figure it
Why niggaz so ignorant, ignorant
You motherfuckers can't figure it
Why niggaz so ignorant, ignorant
We drink beer and smoke cigarettes
Cause we niggaz so ignorant, ignorant
We bang bang cause we ignorant
Motherfuckers can't figure it, figure it

I'm the epitome of this rap game
The most controversial name, they call me Kokane
I'm so ignorant, black ladies be hidin they purse with white ladies
Fifty niggaz in a Navigator, and a Range Rover
Blowin bomb sticky doja
Lookin at these studio gangsters gettin over
It's Yuk and Kokane and Nate Dogg, we stay true
Snatch yo wack ass off stage - we all gonna laugh at you
Ah, I wear the same khakis for about four days
And I, I don't brush my teeth, cause I got tooth decay
I keep the door open when I shit
And if I'm fucked up sometimes, I forget to flush it EWWW
F*ck respectin my elders, they ain't gon' get it soft
Cut in front of a 80 year old lady, and flip her ass off
I taught my 13 year old son how to slang
PCR, Dogghouse when I bang, and I'm out, nigga


What? Nigga, ery'thang, ery'thang..
Motherfuckers get sprayed fuckin wit Yuk, Kokane and Nate
Since back in the day, been slangin crack nay, packin a gauge
Diamond taps on our braids, pack a case, stack it away
Y'all niggaz perform overseas then back to the states
When subtractions are made, thug money the blueprint
+Regime Killers+, my click too sick, we rule shit
And to spit at a few clicks, rob motherfuckers who move bricks
Pop motherfuckers wit loose lips
Bitches who snitch out's finna get hit, get put in a ditch
Yukmouth runnin, livin this shit
"Ice Cream Man," I invented this shit
Ain't no gimmicks to this, my shit is rugged and hardcore
Give Killa Cali niggaz what they starve for
Bring y'all war like, "What's the issue?"
I shoot up everybody, even an ugly fat bitch too
If I get you (?) (?) another shit on you ridiculous
Give that nigga some tissue, let that bitch know, I'm ig'nant


Are you real motherfuckers, for real motherfucker?
Well I ain't real, I'm ultramagnetic bitch
I'm somethin you don't wanna f*ck wit
I'm the nigga wit the pistol, launchin six from the clip
I'ma eclipse the moon like pitch black nigga
Nate, Yuk, Kokane, Kurupt we back nigga
Yak in a 'llac nigga, Young ready to collapse lungs
Two shots make slums collapse niggaz
See me face to face, talk that shit
Pretend you on the +moon+ Michael +walk+ that shit
What up pretty mama, a.k. pretty bitch
This Kurupt, I know you fucks to get rich
I met many bitches, in my day
Got the homies on the left side, holdin the 'K
Kurupt, the analytical, phenonomal, the most anticipated
Highly hated, top graded
Ig'nant than a motherfucker, I don't give a f*ck


Who Wrote So Ignorant By Yukmouth?

Leroy Williams Jr, Ricardo Brown, Jerold Ellis, Nathaniel Hale, Jerry Long

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