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Look What You Made Me

Look What You Made Me Lyrics by Yung Berg
Look What You Made Me Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Look What You Made Me By Yung Berg?

I'ma product of this music,
Don't blame me, blame Jay-z
For me doing it how I do it,
Plan b, a G me wanting to move units
Ask P. Diddy why he had to run the city
Ask Eminem why he had to sign 50
Now its 1 blood against 8 or 9 niggas
I'm like whats up? whats up?
I'm the youngin' who had a deal
Before I could legally a nickle roll
Blame Snoop for me being in the coupe
Blowin' L's bangin' out to Beanie Sigels the Truth
Layin' more p for me mashin' out
Cause real niggas hit me when the cash is out
Ask Pac let me rent his thug mansion out
Thats why I can write what her wrote and put a classic out
I don't need a platinum plaque
I just want to do gold like Old Dirty Bastards mouth

On the block, hustlin' crazy
Been shootin' up in front of they babies
Look what you made me
Moms couldn't do it,
So lately I was left for these streets to raise me
Look what you made me
Pops tried hard to tame,
Now that 5 on my job just at me,
Look what you made me [Repeat: x5]

It ain't nelly for me being in the telly
Presidential sweet like Cash and R. Kelly
Me and Hype Williams layin' watchin' Belly
Speedin' through lights, smokin' weed on the celly
Callin' up X like nigga how you let me
Chilled up in the crib, while you was on the stage reppin'
Blame Irv Gotti shit he gave me his blessing
They said do you, niggas thought I was eleven
Till.' I went up in the booth and did no half steppin'
A youngin' on big niggas sort of like Kevin
Johnson when he did to Hakeem
Playin' dame dash, biggin' up my team
And I seem, naive or a little obscene
You can blame everybody but not me
And I've seen niggas with deals who don't know how to use it
Why, cause they ain't a product of the music


This is what you made me
I'm a product of this game
I'ma get whats comin' to me
Music is what I love
I was born with it in my blood
I'ma give it to you [Repeat: x2]
Will nobody, help you
You better get your shit together
Thats the way of the world
You got to get it on your own
With Biggie and Pac in the background
I don't ever feel alone
Look at what you made me [Repeat: x4]

Who Wrote Look What You Made Me By Yung Berg?

Christian Ward, Kenneth Edward Pratt, Robert Deandre Watson, Takeya Marie Rideout

What's The Duration Of The Look What You Made Me By Yung Berg?

The duration of Look What You Made Me is 4:20 minutes and seconds.

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