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Radio Luv Song

Radio Luv Song Lyrics by 54-40
Radio Luv Song Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Radio Luv Song By 54-40?

Love song on the radio on
The radio has got balls kiss me kiss me
Baby before I fall can't think why you
Move so slow you stop me when I want
To go leave me peace or
Leave me now don't you
Come back not now time
Has come when red is
Blue you for me and me
For you loss of pay awash
In grey what was love is
Now a grave D.J. on the
Radio on the radio has got balls he plays
Only one song only one song all day long I
Don't want a girl in short wave I don't
Want a girl in mono I just want a girl on
The radio kiss me kiss me kiss me baby
Don't say "no", I'm too lazy don't say "stop"
When we should go go

Who Wrote Radio Luv Song By 54-40?

Comparelli, Johnson, Merritt, Osborne

What's The Duration Of The Radio Luv Song By 54-40?

The duration of Radio Luv Song is 3:41 minutes and seconds.

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