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The Actual

The Actual Lyrics by All City
The Actual Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For The Actual By All City?

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For you to f*ck with this apostle, it's not possible
Mega large collossal nigga you docile
And I sizable play me close and I'll ox you
That's only logical cause I'm fact, you costume
Now who da obstacle?
Throw basic, watch me blaze shit, the all's faced it
It's natural for champs to hate shit
Plenty cases, some anonymous, age m-i-n-t,
With a diamond glist, like jewelery
You hold on, you'll see, if it kill me
All city, bound to be rich, without the filthy
My players skillt me, your glares don't tilt me
My pops def' built to the point
I'm not moved by no thing
Man or material, crime without the serial
Never been inside, unless it was a VI
Although they got plans to knock me
I feel 'em watchin' me, eyein' the city while we monopoly
The game is hot to me, but I play to win "crew"

Yo, yo, yo
We the forever livin', there's no beginnin' or endin'
All city's the actual, y'all niggas is pretendin'
In jeans and linen, I will attract the flyest women
My waves stay spinnin', and not a dime of mine they spendin'
That's pimpin' tradition, play sony in the expedition
Play your position, who wandered with my coalition
We boa constricted, gettin' so many splits it's sickenin'
Lyrically stick ya, every pedestrians a victim
I gotta addiction, to marijuana and the henny
Brooklyn send me, we break bread and convert pennies into major dollars
We lock jaws like rottweilers, duck tapin' your mouth
So they can't here you hollar, you held for hostage
Now we informed ya niggas, the ransom is handsome
Seven digit figures, and some, while back at the mansion
We light up the branson, and write hot shit to leave you dancin'
As we advance on through, all city "crew"

For this dough yo, the mega flowin' coastal
Plan to be the next mogul, through rap vocal
No love if I don't know you, fam is so few
N.Y. streets I flow through, layin low dope, like I'm suppost to
Till I'm boku, in the gold coupe, the city want to whole lou
You couldn't go through, platinum medallion with the opal
Swingin' low true, you fugazi, yo shit's shaky, made you shady
The mega psalms hades, never play thee
Put in work till shit's gravy, move greatly, up in the grey v-12
Puffin the hazy, eyes lazy, thoughts paisley
Me and my shorty from baisley, all city raise due
New ones to follow, chrome nozzle, we spit things that leave you hollow
Sophisticato, strictly for the cargo, gems sparkle, new wave
El demarco, I play my part though, the city hot though "crew"

Yo, I'm certified raw, you heard of me before
Verbally I'm bringin war to those who want to murder me
Put ya niggas servin' me, king put 'em through surgery
Had you on a respirator in state of emergency
Rob you for your currency, y'all worry me not
Blast a shot and watch you faggot niggas scurry from spot
I play the devils advocate play me sideways I ain't havin' it
You rather get mauled by attack dogs, that's havin' this
You can't fathom this, when in the presence of the fabulous
Rap attackin' this, fly at niggas with the rapidness
Who 'bout to clap at this, we at the top of our rank
Your shit is juvenile compared to my style you shootin' blanks
Behold this metropolis, gold, throw ya hands in
Me and my mans'n, we explodin' like loose cannons
Lace you quick with the basic wit, tiger like asics
Theatrical niggas be tryin' to play sick, stay awake kid

Who Wrote The Actual By All City?

Gregg Cordew, Christopher E Martin, Larry J Troupe

What's The Duration Of The The Actual By All City?

The duration of The Actual is 4:12 minutes and seconds.

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