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Angels Lyrics by All-Star United
Angels Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Angels By All-Star United?

Could be she got lost
Or maybe, she just watched
A little too much TV
It's hard to say, but anyway,
It's plain to see

And so she goes on
Like a drifting satellite
But tonight

Angels hold her hands
When she walks in the dark
Angels hold her hands
When she's falling apart

God could keep His own half-acre
She'd move on
And make another way of her own
And now she feels
She's gained the wheel
But never control

And so she fades out
Like a missing satellite
But tonight


And wherever she goes
Angels follow

[Chorus: x2]

When she's falling apart

Who Wrote Angels By All-Star United?

Dave Clo, Douglas Kaine Mckelvey, Ian Ashley Eskelin

What's The Duration Of The Angels By All-Star United?

The duration of Angels is 3:01 minutes and seconds.

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