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Pills Lyrics by Allan Sherman
Pills Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Pills By Allan Sherman?

There are pills that make you happy.
There are pills that make you blue.
There are pills to kill our streptococci.
There are pills to cure your cockeye too.
There are folks whose pills have made them healthy.
There are folks whose pills have cure their chills.
But the folks whose plls have made them wealthy
Are the folks who make all the pills.

(There are) Dexerine and Miltown, to pick you up and let you down.
(Happy) Or if you're sufferin', swallow a Bufferin.
(Pills) Vitamin see's a pill for folks who shiver.
(Sad) And there's a pill for Carter's little liver.
(Pills) And if you're sleepng in the hospital, because you're ill,
(Pills) Betcha the nurse will wake you up to take a sleeping pill.

There are pills for young folks and for old folks,
Each disease has got its remedy.
But no pill can cure the common cold, folks,
So if you sneeze, please don't sneeze on me.

Who Wrote Pills By Allan Sherman?

Kate Holmes, Sarah Blackwood

What's The Duration Of The Pills By Allan Sherman?

The duration of Pills is 1:53 minutes and seconds.

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