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Take Your

Take Your Lyrics by Bun B
Take Your Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Take Your By Bun B?

Yeah you know its in me
This ya boy Too Short
I got dat pimpin in me man
And I will...

Take your bitch
I'll take your bitch. And you won't say shit
'Cause you a pussy-ass nigga you know
You a pussy-ass nigga you know, I step back
And I'll take your bitch. And you won't say shit
'Cause you a pussy-ass nigga you know
You a pussy-ass nigga you know. I step back

And just like that
She's gone out of your life
I know you going home, but not with ya wife
Something went wrong, she looked hot tonight
A real player showed up, and popped her right
You want her back, but I don't think she comin
Unless I make her cum...and I ain't frontin
Don't wanna make her my ho... ust had to have that bitch
'Cause you a bitch-ass nigga wit a bad ass bitch. bitch-nigga
You know, all bitches ain't women
You can make a hundred calls and won't get 'em back pimpin
Try everything you know; its the "L" and the "O". Its the "V" and the "E"
I can tell she a pro. She must have had a lot of practice
Kept her back on the mattress. Either I'm fuckin her good, or she's a damn good actress
All that screamin and hollerin, man she need to go home
I told her cum, take ya slutty ass and leave me alone. Punk bitch!


I know you (?) for them bitches, but you playin' super-thug
Man you hollerin' you a pimp, but holding hands in da club
She a slut, she a ho, and you knew it from the start
I put that dick in her mouth, you put love in ya heart
Throw somethin at ya boy in tha clique
But the truth is you sick, 'cause I fucked yo bitch!
Shot cum in her mouth, a nigga ask her for a kiss
The golden shower is the only time that yo bitch get this
Got (?) got da gat, head to ya crib
I done wrecked yo car, man them probably my kids
(on the other hand they not...man she swallowed that shit)
Man the truth is ya girl like to swallow dat dick!
So bow down to a pimp when a nigga come through
And you betta hide ya grandma 'cause I'll f*ck her too
Crippled nieces, blind aunt, and you slut-ass cousins
Man I love a dirty ass, 'cause you never see me comin' dumb bitch!


Well I was comin down Candy wit dem twenty six inch rims
Rippin' da (?) just mindin my own business
Pull up in the parking lot at da twenty four hour Wendy's
Smokin weed in front of (?) laughin at broke bitches
And bam!
God is my witness, she tapped on my window
I thought it was da "5-0", sweatin us for that endo
But naw, it was ya wife, da neighborhood Bimbo
She lookin right, not too thick or too slim though
"What you ova here fo'? I don't understand
I don't know you from (?), is you lookin for yo man?
'Cause I don't f*ck wit dat nigga, so don't ask me about him
And I don't smoke wit hoes if I don't know where they mouth been"
Told her to move around, but she wouldn't leave
"Ho, you gone bow down to this (?) and let a pimp breathe"
She got down on her knees, begging me, please, to break her off
I ain't even want yo bitch homeboy, but I'll take her


Who Wrote Take Your By Bun B?

Bernard James Freeman, David Banner, Chris Ussery, Todd Anthony Shaw

What's The Duration Of The Take Your By Bun B?

The duration of Take Your is 4:42 minutes and seconds.

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