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Top Tier

Top Tier Lyrics by Bun B
Top Tier Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Top Tier By Bun B?

I'm top ten, you tone up-top from the top tier
Tat his iPhone, the animal Ock I box bears
Got those quotes to Glock pop folks
Two times in the head and laugh, that's the knock-knock joke
Shots flying, I nail ya
Shots fly I nail ya, one eye open scopin I'm Popeye da Sailor
Used to get hungry off of the stress plate
Used to get money off a cassette tape
The best ain't made great
The godfather large armour logical, I'm on point chronological
I don't rock boots with spikes, nigga
Don't watch roots with white niggas
Bullets [?] when the eight's spitting
Blow this shit out of proportion, the race in racism
A degree for my declaration
When saying Sean P say da P with exclamation

Let me tell you 'bout this story of a young'n
Raised in a ghetto that he was brung in
Round the drinkin' and druggin'
Had to box it out in backyards
So I put my Nike Airs on
And dug in the dirt and I started sluggin'
I lost some, I won some, but I fought them all
Trying not to be another name upon the wall
Lots of murals that's been painted in memory of
But I'm still here so before I'm gone gimme the love
Imma take my flowers now when I can still smell 'em
Then roll up the strongest trees and inhale em
The world is getting worse everyday I try to tell em
As long as you keep buying the lies then they gon' sell 'em
Y'all niggas is mad and they tired, ready to act out
You can't keep killing them and not expect them to black out
You locked the front doors on 'em and they take the backround
All your shit will leave your face with the shit smacked out

I'm fraying but I'm saying that I'm spraying cause I am if I have to
Salute the niggas laying on the land like a statue
If I say I'm staying where I stand I'ma vanish
If I say I'm out, I'm playing with the menace
That's like beef or vendetta
You wouldn't understand the goals without a mask on your face
Shoulda really feel somthing, when they blast in your face
If you playing in the jungle feel the wrath of those apes
But I'm positive and negative, ignorant and conscience too
Listen to the angels, but watch what the monsters do
You addicted niggas sponsor you
Tell you have another one, watch that shit conquer you
Even the wise do foolish shit
Even the cop kill a kid that go to school and shit
Believe it or not, stand still and you can move with it
Open your eyes and I ain't even got to prove this shit

Oh my god
How I humble myself
As I bow to your throne
I pray for love, peace and happiness
To be present in my home
Yes, I do
And let your heart

Who Wrote Top Tier By Bun B?

Bernard James Freeman, David Styles, Patrick Baril, Sean Price

What's The Duration Of The Top Tier By Bun B?

The duration of Top Tier is 3:19 minutes and seconds.

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