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Playing Possum

Playing Possum Lyrics by Cheryl Harris
Playing Possum Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Playing Possum By Cheryl Harris?

To my mentors and comrades in arms
Those presents and those gone on
Thank you to my family
(Can you see them now)
To my partner Mysteria who I love and depend on more than I can say
(For some children)
To my son Thebe (Words like home)
Cultural worker and student of life
Whose growth and insights inspire me, a thousand kisses
(Could not carry any possible meaning)
Thank you to my brothers (But displaced)
My niece, (Boarder) my nephews, my sisters, my friends
(Refugee) My whole family network (Consider)
Who have let me be distracted and inconsistent in my intention
(The premature daily death of their dreams)
Who've put up with crazy schedules, short tempers and mad dashes and all the rest
(What staggering memories frighten and abort
The hope that should have been
Perhaps I should just borrow
The rememberer's voice again
While I can and say: you know the real deal
To have a home is not a favor)

Who Wrote Playing Possum By Cheryl Harris?

Thebe Kgositsile

What's The Duration Of The Playing Possum By Cheryl Harris?

The duration of Playing Possum is 1:34 minutes and seconds.

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