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Two Rounds

Two Rounds Lyrics by Future
Two Rounds Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Two Rounds By Future?

Intro: Rich Homie Quan]
I was in Houston for the minute now I'm back in town (x2)
Rich Homie Baby!

[Verse 1: Propain]
All it takes is one text
Asking me where I'm at
Told her," Baby I'm on one but your destination is next"
Now I'm coming down on that freeway that UGK in my deck
Got that "Take It Off "on replay like Pimp C said it
Now she texting me she need it bad because she ain't have good in so long
And I'm like,'Damn shorty I'm speeding fast and when I get to you girl it's on'
And when I make it there I want to see that ass no boy shorts and no thong
She got that ocean hair have a nigga sinking quick
Rock the boat on my Aaliyah shit
I hit the block and showed up in a beastin' whip
Ciroc is poured up and Keisha lit
I know your neighbors probably never heard of me
But they gon' know my name when you screaming it
Cause I'm going in, going in
At The same time I'm showing out
Got her legs shaking, rolling round
And her head crazy like a robot

[Hook: Rich Homie Quan]
I could tell she had her shit when she smiled
Shorty lil dramatic but it compliment her style
Late nights we get romantic
Need a babysitter for her child
If I whip her she like ooooh child
Imma hit that pussy all night wake up another two rounds
Living room got like 8 pictures we done knocked another two down
Yeah, Yeah
I was in Houston for the minute now I'm back in town (x2)

[Verse 2: Propain]
She ain't worried about no nigga
Got a her own bread got her own business
Laced up and it's a velvet [?]
Silent niggas think she gold digging
Truth be told she got more than you
So what the hell you think she need with your figures?
Ain't nothing better so I drop whatever
I'm going down when she call
Really ain't nothing with her it go down whatever
From the bedroom to the wall
It's the ones who bad with hustle that never ask for nothing that a nigga want to give all
Everytime I hit it man I need some more I notice
I can't resist it's when the dope is potent
Shorty ride this dick just like a roller coaster
Likes to drive it quick then in a slower motion
I be hitting it like I got sentenced to life
I'm going dumb I'm so unfocused
It's a trill nigga, trill nigga; all she want is a trill nigga
Most you lames couldn't deal with her
I knock it out


[Verse 3: Rich Homie Quan]
I got this lil quiet bitch who never said shit
She thick as hell she stripping dreams and she from Texas
I'm well protected baby Jesus on my necklace
Big Flu my nigga Big Throw my nigga and DJ Everett
What it do

Who Wrote Two Rounds By Future?

Chris Dudley, Dequantes Devontay Lamar, Gavin Luckett, Robert S. Kelly

What's The Duration Of The Two Rounds By Future?

The duration of Two Rounds is 4:03 minutes and seconds.

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