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End of Time

End of Time Lyrics by Gotthard
End of Time Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For End of Time By Gotthard?

Won't somebody tell me
Is it worth to live a life
If you're not connected to your brother soul
It's so easy
Easy if you open up your mind
You swear it's the bad luck
That is sneaking up on you
Change yourself
And change your point of view
It's so easy
Freedom will be working overtime
Take me to the highest of devotion
Take me where the powers are in line
Let me find a little piece of heaven
Till the end of time
Till the end of time
Floating on the system
Often we're too blind to see
Mother nature has the answer, anytime
'cause it's easy
Easy if you really gonna try
Give yourself the freedom
Don't fall on your knees
Look at things the other way
Man, you will be pleased
Trust your instinct
Be yourself
Live the moment
Before the end of time

Who Wrote End of Time By Gotthard?

Steve Lee, Leo Leoni, Chris Von Rohr, Heinz Habegger, Markus Probst

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