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Smoke Rings

Smoke Rings Lyrics by Henry Mancini
Smoke Rings Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Smoke Rings By Henry Mancini?

Where do they go, the smoke rings I blow each night
What do they do
Those circles of blue and white?
Oh! why do they seem to pictures a dream above
Then why do they fade my phantom parade of love?

Where do they end, the smoke rings I send on high?
Where are they hurled
When they've kissed the world goodbye!
Oh! I'd give my life to laugh at this strife below
I'd be a king I'd follow each ring I blow

Puff puff puff puff your cares away
Puff puff puff night and day
Blow blow them into air silky little rings
Blow, blow them ev'ry where give your troubles wings
What do they tell and what is the spell they cast
Some of them fall and seem to recall the past
But most of them rise away to the skies of blue
Oh little smoke rings I love

Who Wrote Smoke Rings By Henry Mancini?

Gene Gifford, Ned Washington

What's The Duration Of The Smoke Rings By Henry Mancini?

The duration of Smoke Rings is 3:18 minutes and seconds.

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