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Monster Lyrics by Henry Rollins
Monster Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Monster By Henry Rollins?

I`m a monster
Walking these streets
Crawling these walls
Whatever it takes to get to you

It all starts and ends with you
Sometimes you hurt me but it`s true
Don`t want to love you but I do

I`m a monster
You touch me deep inside
Monster, monster from you I cannot hide

I`m a monster
No need to fear me
Crawl into my cave with me
Don`t let this time go wasted

And I`m burning
Burning hard, burning real
Doing anything to feel

Something`s gonna break before I`m done
Doing damage sounds like fun
Let`s go out, let`s go get some

Who Wrote Monster By Henry Rollins?

Henry Rollins, William James Wilson, Marcus Blake, Jason Jared Mackenroth

What's The Duration Of The Monster By Henry Rollins?

The duration of Monster is 20:09 minutes and seconds.

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