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So Small

So Small Lyrics by Jim Guthrie
So Small Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For So Small By Jim Guthrie?

So small
On a porch in Montreal
The setting sun
While Missy catches flies
For fun

It's not what I've had
To drink
That makes whatever I feel
It's not all that bad

If you assume
That what you say is your own doom
With much delight
Then flowers bloom in light just right

It's not what they've had
To sip
That makes their petals
All sag and dip
Grass withers
Flowers fall
So small, so small
Can you hear the crow call?

So small, so small

Who Wrote So Small By Jim Guthrie?

James Guthrie

What's The Duration Of The So Small By Jim Guthrie?

The duration of So Small is 3:58 minutes and seconds.

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