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Delirium Lyrics by Malefice
Delirium Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Delirium By Malefice?

Segregation of the tyrants and hatred
As the failed existence
You have been chosen of the human cultivation
We are the tragedy of eternal sacrifice
This is the risen from the fucking grave
Permanent sleep blinds our eyes
And leaves our people paralyzed
A global nightmare fraying at the seams

This is where I belong
This is not the dream that you had once believed
They have forced their hand and taken everything
The trouble with a mask is it never changes

There's countless assumptions and endless excuses for everything
Judgement and actions have become impossible to control
Distraction will be my downfall
To summon the forces of darkness
Push as far as I can and fight for every chance
Try to breathe the smoke-filled air haunted by the voices of the dead
Can you see what you've become hiding yourself behind a loaded gun
And who will lead with compassion in their hands
The hopeless now lie crawling on their knees
You will never feel true love living in the shadow of the sun
Break from the past
This is the only fucking truth

Who Wrote Delirium By Malefice?

Benjamin Symons, Dale Butler

What's The Duration Of The Delirium By Malefice?

The duration of Delirium is 4:13 minutes and seconds.

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