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Halved Lyrics by Malevolent Creation
Halved Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Halved By Malevolent Creation?

Live this spectacle
Grow and spawn on
Offspring reaching out
Spirit dies for none
This is reality
Live to populate
Dunce or superiority
Enhance and procreate

You think you know
What it is to live
Until you taste death
You will not have lived

Media blindsiding
Countless homicides
Touching the blood
Life desensitized
Death is half of life
Felt best before you die
Shocking new reality
Life is now fast to flee
Living in a shadow
Rising higher than a wall
Soon to kill soon to claim
Each and every, all
Hands grab at what cannot be
Aspects of life never to be seen
It leaves you fast, it leaves you now
It comes apart and all breaks down
Head is flooded full of thought
Of and end inevitable plot
Self consume with rage for life
Al absorbed this your right
Death is half of all life
Must have dark to have light
Death is half of life

Who Wrote Halved By Malevolent Creation?

Bret Hoffmann, Phil Fasciana

What's The Duration Of The Halved By Malevolent Creation?

The duration of Halved is 3:41 minutes and seconds.

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