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Screwtopia Lyrics by Patterson Hood
Screwtopia Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Screwtopia By Patterson Hood?

I'm your knight in shining armor
You don't have to work that job anymore
Buy a house in the burbs, two-car garage
Shrubberies and a birdbath

Keep you safe warm and dry
Keep the tears from your eyes
Keep you pregnant all the time

Name them Skip, Paul and George
Maybe even have a girl
We'll name her after mom

Come on baby take my hand
SUV or minivan?
Keep you happy and sedated
Who needs to be liberated?
You've got me, you've got me

If you got something in your head
Makes you think there's something else
Maybe the doctor can give you
Something to make you forget

Promise I will hold you tight
I will make you scream all night
Bills will get paid on time
The birthday poem I write you will rhyme
Son here's a loaded gun, try not to hurt no one

You were with my friend Clyde
He was my best friend till they
Pulled his face out of the dashboard
And I always thought you were too good for him

Let me take you for a spin
I'll take you home, I'll take you home
And everything will be just fine

Who Wrote Screwtopia By Patterson Hood?

Patterson Hood

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