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Another Kiss

Another Kiss Lyrics by Plastiscines
Another Kiss Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Another Kiss By Plastiscines?

You wanna try
You wanna stop
Never on time
I think we had enough
I don't wanna shout
I don't wanna doubt
I wanna blackout
Come on help me out

There's nothing to say
Nothing to know
Nothing to change
You have to let it go
Is it all about love'
Does it come from above'
You'd better move on

You're not the only one

Just another kiss from you
(And that's all)

It drives me insane
No end to this game
Back and again
We don't need to pretend
You wanna shout
You wanna doubt
You fall and blackout
Come on help me out

Just another kiss from you
(And that's all)

Who Wrote Another Kiss By Plastiscines?

Louise Basilien, Katty Besnard, Marine Neuilly, Jake Sinclair, Anoushka Vandevyvere, Butch Walker

What's The Duration Of The Another Kiss By Plastiscines?

The duration of Another Kiss is 2:54 minutes and seconds.

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