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Souls on Fire [*]

Souls on Fire [*] Lyrics by Poison
Souls on Fire [*] Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Souls on Fire [*] By Poison?

It takes two to tango
In the heat of the night
You're gonna give it in
No matter how you fight

Hot nights, pretty women
and a bottle of gin
Fine floozy sitting pretty
in the city of sin
I'm knocking on your back door
baby let me in

I'll take you down
light your fuse baby
Set your soul on fire
Make your body sweat
soaking wet
In the midnight hour

Step closer my senorita
It's so nice to meet ya
I see your eyes say no
but your flesh is weak

Well sweet salt shaker
and rattle my bones
One more inch I'm gonna drive it home
Hate to see a pretty little woman all alone

She said are you gonna nibble baby
Or are you gonna take yourself a bite
You invite me closer honey
And I just might

I don't want money or a big black car
I just want to know how I'm doing so far
So far I'm gonna do you just right

Who Wrote Souls on Fire [*] By Poison?

Bobby Dall, Bret Michaels, Bruce Anthony Johannesson, Rikki Rocket

What's The Duration Of The Souls on Fire [*] By Poison?

The duration of Souls on Fire [*] is 3:18 minutes and seconds.

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