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Fireflies Lyrics by Roper
Fireflies Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Fireflies By Roper?

Blushing skin is whispering
Sleight of tongue, can kill so softly
Velvet lips sing lullabies
So satin sleek but still so costly
Knees weaken
Crumble and fall
Mere mortals
She's had them all
This gift of sight
This glorious blight

Close your eyes
They flicker dim then die
Not true stars just fading lies
Close your eyes
Dancing so sweetly by
Then disappearing with a sigh

Far too easily distracted
By this wretched curse
I'm enticed and so attracted
Bait and trap me, perhaps worse
Jade brilliance
Emerald lies
Each glimmer
Must fade and die
This gift of sight
This glorious blight

I don't want these distractions
No compromise for fractions
Diminish these subtractions
False lights are just defractions

Who Wrote Fireflies By Roper?

Matraca Maria Berg, Luke Robert Laird

What's The Duration Of The Fireflies By Roper?

The duration of Fireflies is 3:28 minutes and seconds.

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