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Prisoner Lyrics by Rotting Out
Prisoner Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Prisoner By Rotting Out?

Hell ain't where i'm going, it's where i've been
Humiliation on my face since I was six
I'm sick of laughing just to smother all the thoughts
That leave me shaking when i think back far enough

So come with me, in to the depths of my mind
Come face to face with everything that i tried to hide
I don't want it, I wish it was a dream
Take this old life and cut these bad days out of me
A prisoner to somber days

Mama, Do you remember the fear in my eyes
when he trapped you in the room?
I grabbed my brother and I
we ran for our lives
And just like that night I tremble as I write this
reliving things through my eyes

They're mine but I don't want them
My forever problem
A prisoner to somber days
Let the reaper hold my hand and take it all away

Who Wrote Prisoner By Rotting Out?

Shalon Delgado

What's The Duration Of The Prisoner By Rotting Out?

The duration of Prisoner is 2:10 minutes and seconds.

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