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The Crowd

The Crowd Lyrics by Roy Orbison
The Crowd Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For The Crowd By Roy Orbison?

I go out with the crowd, I play the game
Pretending out loud but it don't seem the same
For the heart of the crowd is gone from sight
My part of the crowd is not with me tonight

I remember the prom, every dance with you
All the crazy things that we used to do
Sometimes we'd wait for a chance
And then we'd steal away
From the crowd and the dance to our hideaway

Aww, but you're gone and it's not the same old game
I fall apart each time I hear your name
Guess I'll go along with the crowd, I'll make believe
That you'll come back to me, run back to me
Hurry back to the crowd and me

Who Wrote The Crowd By Roy Orbison?

Roy Orbison

What's The Duration Of The The Crowd By Roy Orbison?

The duration of The Crowd is 2:25 minutes and seconds.

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