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Riot Lyrics by Serj Tankian
Riot Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Riot By Serj Tankian?

[Wyclef:] Yo Serj, pass me that lighter...
[Serj:] Here you go man

Yeah... yeah

[Both:] Yeah

[Serj:] The power is smiling through the battle field...

The break is over man
I'm fat with the ink pen
Like Ali Boom Bayay
Okay I'm on my second wind
Used to roll dice when the love was on my side, man
Four, five, six walked away with the Grammy
Seen many blocks turn to the Twilight Zone
D.A. on a case like Sherlock Holmes
My old high school sweetheart started sniffin' a bone
For the right bag she deep blow deeper than the baritone
I caught you off guard, this verse is unexpected
Check it
Like when I rhyme don't big punch wreck it
Check it
I got a swagger that cut any rapper mind over matter
Lyrical dagger like alcohol I got pull your liver

Quiver, shiver body temperature can found in Hudson River
Deliver a message to your miss you won't be commin' over
And if you on a street tonight
See that refugee local
We beam around the world like satellite

[Chorus: 1]
It's the hip hop boys, turn your radio down
It's the rock and roll boys, turn your radio down
It's the reggae boys, turn your radio down
Neighbors mind your business

[Chorus: 2]
It's a riot... Trouble (comin') again, your body's getting nervous
See we're trouble (comin') again, body so unconscious
You see we're trouble (comin') again, your body's getting nervous
See we're trouble (comin') again, body so unconscious

Come rock with me
I got the music on the block with me
Come chill on the spot with me

I'm just laughin' spree

Yeah you're right we got enough for everyone
So get all your friends and your families and come along
Move to the beat that's all we do
We got Jerusalem
Everyday we offer praises like King Soloman

Don't be nervous
I'm your guardian angel, I know you're nervous
And if I look at you now
If I should make it
Believe me
I leave you, show you how to make it

Pump up high
Double S - I
S - S - I
P ? P - I
Three peace child
Want to see me die
So the heaven's get cry

[Chorus: 1]

It's a riot!
From the train to the plane
Security check
From the bridge to the tunnel
Security check

[Chorus: 2]

[Wyclef (Serj):]
Let's go to Texas...
Driving wreck-less
Police stop me
Ask me for my license
(Oh yeah)
Registration so I played him some Elvis
He let me go
Then I lit on the challas
I said if things don't change
We headed for the Armageddon
And the great dragon with seven heads ten horns
At the Armageddon
Listen to the choired church...


The matterings of all matter
Masters and their extended batters
Internet intelligence firm
Investments for the natural world
Their divestments
Truth is knowledge
Although bipolar if it's attainment is equitable
Man's mirrors face the flesh
But hide the spirit
In opposite worlds
Vision can only be attained universally
Lamps of varied sizes and shapes carrying different shades
All having the propensity to illuminate
Let's ruminate on realization
That the means is the end
The earth's water is mirroring the stream of consciousness
The dead being reborn
As flowers smiling through the battlefields

It's the hip hop boys, turn your radio down
It's the rock and roll boys, turn your radio down

[Serj:] Power is smiling through the battle field...

[Chorus: 2]

Who Wrote Riot By Serj Tankian?

James Boyd, Joshua James Byrd, Y Dodd Rohan, Daniel Dunne, Michael Jack Fletcher-hall, Jesse Hawkins, Corey Herekiuha, Julien James, Lauren Elizabeth Jenkins, Jeremy Tristan Neale, Shane Michael Parsons, Simon James Hinkler Ridley

What's The Duration Of The Riot By Serj Tankian?

The duration of Riot is 4:06 minutes and seconds.

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