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Who's So Scared

Who's So Scared Lyrics by Sonia Dada
Who's So Scared Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Who's So Scared By Sonia Dada?

Once riding in old Baltimore, head filled,
Heart filled with glee
I saw a Baltimore an keep looking straight at me
Now I was eight and very small
And he was no whit bigger
And so I smiled but he poked out his tongue and called me a n*gger
I saw the whole of Baltimore from May until December
Of all the things that happened there
That's all that I remember

Who's so scared
When I was fourteen I took a bus to San Francisco
I was full of hope and joy till this girl called me a boy
But I was already on my way so frightened to be gay
Just like in 1942 (1492) the world screaming,
"Something's wrong with you, Jew"

Who's so scared
But what I discover,
Lover after lover
There's nothing wrong with me
That's just a lie by society
So I start looking at the world we have
And while it's not all bad,
There's a lot of room for improvement
People of color and the gay movement

Who's so scared
Won't you explain to me that pain of your life

Who Wrote Who's So Scared By Sonia Dada?

Countee Cullen, Sonia Rutstein

What's The Duration Of The Who's So Scared By Sonia Dada?

The duration of Who's So Scared is 6:49 minutes and seconds.

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